VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It provides a secure connection between your computer and the internet using tunnelling and strong encryption techniques. Thus you remain completely anonymous and secured from external threats.

Our secured VPN connections will:

- Hide your actual IP address from being disclosed on the internet.

- Encrypt the data being sent/received to a remote site.

- Bypass your ISP firewalls, restrictions and censorship.

- Give you an IP address from another country.

With Shared VPN

 -Your IP (Public IP) is the same for many other users, therefore you will be affected by any missbehavior done by those users.

 -The VPN server is shared and your browsing experience will be slow, shared VPN bandwidth is ususally oversold.

 -You can make outgoing connections (From your PC to the Internet), but incomming connections are limited to some ports that you should ask the VPN company to open for you.

With Dedicated VPN

 -You are the sole user of the IP.

 -You bandwidth is reserved, we dont oversell our resources.

 -You can run any service you wish (Legal Service) and accept incomming connections at any port.

No, since your VPN IP is dedicated it can be used only on one machine.

No, dedicated VPN packages and servers are our specialty.

No one, we do not log your actions at all. However we do keep records of who owns each IP at a specific time.

If you do anything illegal your account will be permanently terminated.

No, we do not offer demo accounts. You can buy a daily plan and try our service.

No, you had the chance to try our daily package to check if you like our service or not.

No, all deposits made are final and can be used only to purchase VPN services.

Yes, please check our referral program details in the "Useful Links" below.